The Old Newton Burial Ground, east of Main Street was placed on the National Historical Register in 1986, and is also included in the Newton Historic Dictrict. The Sussex County Historical Society is proud to sponsor the project of restoring the historic wall that encompasses the cemetery. As of the present time the Society has completed, using donations from member & friends, a part of the wall restoration, including the front section facing Main Street, and a small section on the Halsted Street side. The original iron gates have been reset.

We are currently in the process of transcribing for the web the tombstone names and transcriptions in a searchable format.

George Roy transcriptions, maps drawn circa 1890 and 1905: written ledger of his transcriptions.
Burial ground project undertaken by the Sussex County Historical Society: six volume set of transcriptions, notes and photographs.

The entries in black are taken from the restoration project transcriptions, and all such entries have visible stones found with the Quadrant idicated.

The entries that are blue denote a veteran.

The entries in red denote two possibilities: (1) a person who is referred to on another stone transcription: i.e; if there is a stone for a woman and the script on the stone refers to her as "The wife of John...etc.", then John is listed in this transcription....and (2) a transcription of found stone during the Roy transcriptions, but was not found during the Historical Society's restoration of the cemetery. (As an example, the stone of Richard Case, son of Ellen and Peter Case, died 1861 at the age of 7 was not found during the 1990's restoration, but was documented by Roy and it's location noted). It is possible that a person referred to in this transcription is not buried here at all....but the listing is given for informational purposes. If you, dear reader, know indeed of the actual burial spot for a listing such as this, please share your knowledge with us.

The *starred* entries refer to a burial which was recorded by Roy (see "sources") but the stone was not found during the restoration/documentation done by the Historical Society in 1997.

The "Area" field refers to the quadrant of the cemetery in which the person is interred. There are 4 quadrants that make up the burial grounds - North, South, East and West. Refer to source material located at the Sussex County Historical Society to locate these quadrants and also to view the original source documents, the restoration chronology, photographs, and documentation.

The transcriptions we have online so far are categorized alphabetically below.